Research and Development

A constant evolution

In addition to our extended product line, we innovate continuously in order to be able to offer better and more efficient technologies to our customers.

Our Research and Development program has a doule benefit for our customers; in addition of all innovations that we developped, we have equiped ourselves with equipement allowing us to test, in a full size laboratory, unique products developped by our customers.

In case of incertitude, we use a whole set of full size components allowing us to process under continuous operation, in our shop or, at our customer’s facility in order to validate the efficiency of a process before proceeding with the final production unit.


Depending on the anticipated problem, we can use these equipments to validate or test the following points.

  • - Test product flowing characteristics
  • - Verify a flow promotion process
  • - Find the pick-up velocity of a product
  • - Validate the efficiency of a forming or delumping equipment
  • - Verify product degradation during conveying process
  • - Verify thermal effect on a product during conveying
  • - Verify product dehydration during conveying
  • - Verify product dilution
  • - Verify filter clogging and efficiency of a filter cleaning mechanism
  • - Verify for product build-up or agglomeration in conveying line.
  • - Etc.