Scale Diverter Valves

Scale diverter valves; also known as « by-pass fill valves» are specifically designed to handle dry bulk material. These valves are typically used above filterless scale receivers in dilute phase conveying systems.

In "filling" position the product is directed in the receiver while the conveying air escape with a certain percentage of product to be filtered elsewhere (generally a silo) for final separation.

In "straight" or "by-pass" position the inlet ports to the receiver are closed and all product goes directly to final separation. This enables an inexpensive installation for multiple receivers in a low headroom.

They come in 2 different configurations:

Scale Diverter Valves

Single cylinder (wide flange)

Standard Features:
  • - Restriction free, full size port
  • - Self cleaning action
  • - Seals are fully protected from abrasion
  • - Completely dust free operation
  • - For pressure applications up to 15 PSI (1bar)
  • - For "full" vacuum applications
  • - Standard contact material = Stainless steel 304
  • - Food grade seals are standards
  • - Aluminum body
Scale Diverter Valves

Double cylinder (small flange)

Options includes:
  • - Multiple stack-up for "almost unlimited" uses
  • - High temperature seals
  • - Stainless steel 316 or other contact material
  • - Polished interior for connector "Y"
  • - NEMA-4 solenoid
  • - Multiple voltage, AC-DC reed switches
  • - Explosion proof electrical components

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