About Us

HERTECH Industries Inc, was founded in 1991 by its actual president Claude Herard who already had more than 10 years of experience in dry bulk material handling at the time.

At the beginning, HERTECH Industries Inc. used to serve a small group of customers offering them systems mainly composed of American made components.

Each project having specific requirements, we were often faced to modify standard components. It was in fact possible to have these components by the supplier but, the cost of these modifications would bring the price out of unreasonably high.

It is the main reason which pushed Hertech Industries Inc. to start manufacturing critical components for each project. In addition to enable us to offer competitive pricing, we could also improve the lead time.

With these factors and an uncommon engineering & fabrication quality HERTECH Industries Inc. got rapidly known as a reliable supplier mainly in the food industry.

After moving twice into larger spaces, HERTECH Industries Inc. finally bought an industrial building in 2008 allowing us to manufacture almost all our system’s components including large sizes storage silos enabling us to control the cost, the quality and the lead time.

Today, HERTECH Industries Inc. gather several hundreds of components & systems throughout Canada, United States and Mexico. We are known as an important supplier in pneumatic conveying system and we can enjoy an enviable reputation.